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Grey Faerie January 2, 2007

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If you use it, comment below please.


31 Responses to “Grey Faerie”

  1. Chey Says:

    xD I used this font. ^^


  2. _maise_96 Says:


  3. plushie_freak202 Says:

    I used this font. ;D

  4. Alexx Says:

    I love this font, so I’m using it ^^

  5. Trish Says:

    Lol, thanks so much for making this font.. I love it, so I’m using it. On Neopets, I am trisha123223. Thanks! Oh, and I promise never to claim that I made this Grey Faerie font.

  6. Amy Says:

    Your font saved me!
    Otherwise…well…maybe it didn’t save me, but my font’s all pretty now.


  7. Nathan Says:

    thanks so much for the font it ROX

  8. Sarah Says:

    I loved this I had to use it =D

  9. Nycki Says:

    I use this font and I love it. Thanks for making it!! <3

  10. Faye Says:

    I think I might use this one thank you for your help.

  11. Starr Says:

    This was really helpfull

  12. Bec Says:

    I might use this font. I just wanted to comment so that if i DO use it im prepared. lol. im weird like that.

  13. Waffle ;) Says:

    Hey, used this font =D
    added a little of myself to it, just sayin’ ;)

    you’re awesome =D

  14. crayolaxskies Says:

    oh wowwww….so pretty. =]

    Am using!


  15. Rebekah Says:

    Hi, I’m gonna use this font! It’s awesome/ ;D

  16. Hannah Says:

    I am going to use this font x3
    Thanks its awesome :)

  17. taylor Says:

    Awsome font! ^^
    I used it. =)

  18. quitpokingmedx Says:

    I might use this font sometime soon. X3
    Really pretty. ^^

  19. Serena Says:

    i used this font with the gloomy avvie.
    works much better
    thank you! ^^

  20. Josie Says:

    I am using this font. :)

  21. elka Says:


  22. Amber Says:

    I love this font. I am going to use it. Thanks!

  23. TenderBlackRose Says:

    Thanks so much, it fits me perfectly!!!

  24. Sidd Says:

    I used this, it’s so cute!

  25. denina Says:


  26. jayne Says:

    yup i used it its cool

  27. giraffeHP Says:

    I used this font. I took off the raincloud though because it wasn’t working for me. It kept showing up as “U”. Thanks! You have awesome fonts :)

  28. Raven Says:

    thanks bunches! I love it. ^^ Im vampiresrreal, if you need know. Thanks again!

  29. Kyla Says:

    I use it! Love it! Thank you!

  30. Josie Says:

    I used this font, thanks so much for creating all of these and sharing them they’re all wonderful :)

  31. tayyyy Says:

    I’m using this font, just changing “F A L L E N *” to be a size larger, and say “T A Y L O R ♥” (my name) instead. You have loads of adorable ones!! I’m gonna bookmark your page, because I like changing my avi and font regularly :)

    Also, just a heads up that I was going to use the I ♥ Sloth font, but when I entered it, the typeface previewed on your page is not the font that comes up on neo… idk.

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