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Plushie Eyrie January 2, 2007

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If you use it, comment below please.


13 Responses to “Plushie Eyrie”

  1. Lori Says:

    ohmygosh. this jester font is super cute! SUPER.

  2. Ooch Says:

    The cool looking type of font isn’t working for me….. *shrugs* I guess it’ll be ok, unless you know how to fix it. Well, I’m using it, THANKIES! (lol). I just changed the font size a bit and if you don’t like that then neomail me.

  3. numbsmile Says:

    The reason this font doesn’t work is explained in the FAQ. You have to upload it first, in order for it to appear in your neoHTML.

    I don’t have a problem with people editing my fonts slightly, as long as they don’t claim them as their own. :) That’s the only issue.

    Hope you like the font & take care :)

  4. Esmie Says:

    hey the text doesn’t come out rite! all it does is change the size and color is that all its supposed to do?? because i want the way that font looks like

  5. numbsmile Says:

    It has come to my attention, that some of the actual fonts (like the one shown) may not work on all computers. If you have the font downloaded onto your computer, it should work smoothly. The only way to really see, is if you go to the Neoboards and test it out yourself. If the font doesn’t look like the sample, then it doesn’t work.

    If you really want this particular font, I suggest you find a free font site (there are tons and tons of them), download the font JESTER and in case you’re not sure what to do at that point, here’s a guide that may assist you:

    Hope this helped ! Take care :}

  6. Sarah Says:

    I love this font! I’m gonna use it.=D

  7. Sarah Says:

    btw my username is srw464

  8. Paige Says:

    I love this. I’m using it. Totally. My username is paigelovesjimhalpert.

  9. Josh Says:

    I likey THANKS!

  10. Danielle (danihodge) Says:

    Bah! I love your fonts they are super awesome i’m using like a mix and will probs come back for all my font needs from now on! Thanks very much this site is the spiffyness! xD

  11. Gamergirl(alicerox_909_) Says:

    Thxs for the awsome fonts. I luv my new neoSIGNATURE. :D

  12. butterflylover888 Says:

    Awesome font! Thx a bundle!

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