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Shoyru – Tough. January 2, 2007

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If you use it, comment below please.


14 Responses to “Shoyru – Tough.”

  1. kiwi Says:

    Hey, I used this font!! I think it looks great, maybe could be better if it were spaced out a little bit more…GREAT JOB!!!!

  2. Ganon391 Says:

    I used it.
    looks great.

  3. Grapefruit Says:

    I used this font, and it looks great! I love the bar things at the top, and the siggy! Great work!

  4. mandie Says:

    Hi, I live your fonts and will probably use several of them (with a bit of changes) but do not worry.. if people ask me about them I will be sure to send them your way!!!

  5. Mizu Says:

    I user your font. Thanks, it looks great! =3

  6. Sonirsa Says:

    hey I using ut Shoyru Tough font I love ittt it totally cute^o^

  7. Hae Says:

    Thanx so much thts my fav avatar nw iv gt an awesome font to go wth it.

  8. Steph Says:

    Using on __poseidon.

  9. Remy Says:

    Hey! Using on quitpokingmedx, except with a different avatar and color scheme. :3

  10. 97grace Says:

    I use this font!

  11. MegAteFiveCows Says:

    Yo. I used it… Sooo. Yeah? Good site. =P

  12. Olivia Says:

    You know the drill. Oh, thanks :)

  13. lin Says:

    Using it!

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