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Downloading fonts onto your computer! January 13, 2007

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Okay. I know when I first started researching about how to download fonts, all I could say was “uuuuuh, whaaaat did you just say?!???!!!!111shiftone!11221147“. This is why, I will attempt to make this as easy as I can. For those that still have questions, I will address them on here, so for your (and my own) convenience, please post the questions as comments. I will seriously get to them, and hopefully I’ll be able to answer them, knowing my limited amount of compooter skills ^^

Okay, first, download a font. I’m not going to solicite any font sites here- if you’re reading this, it must mean that you already have a font that you want to use, and you’re wondering how to use it. You’re in the right place :)

Once you download your font, it will should be in a “WinRAR ZIP archive” format. That’s a bunch of words, right? Okay, if you see a sort of “three-booked” icon, then you’ve got the right type of font. Once it is downloaded, find it, and then right click on it. Find the option “Extract Files…”, after which a box will appear. Choose a “destination” for these unzipped files; preferably, choose the file at which you are right now, it won’t complicate things. I usually just delete the “book thingies” once I’ve unzipped it. Right now, you should be looking at a totally different new file. It should be titled with the name of your font, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find. If it’s not in front of you, go look for it :)

You have 90% of the work done. Now, click Start > Search > For Files and Folders. Search “Fonts” and a folder should come up. This is your Computer’s fonts folder. Once it comes up, click on it. (The reason I say, search for it, is because it’s quite possible that my computer is different than yours in its set-up, so searching for it is the single fastest way). On my computer, it appears that I have more than one fonts folder, so if you peek inside, and see a list of fonts that you recognize, this is probably your place. Last step; copy the font that you have sitting somewhere. Paste it into the fonts folder, and the font should automatically install.

Now, your font should be absolutely, positively ready to use ^^

*phewf* Not too wordy, was it? Well, if you comprenday then my job is done!


One Response to “Downloading fonts onto your computer!”

  1. lolly Says:

    That was so easy to understand and I now have loads more fonts :)


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