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Kiko – Snack Time January 13, 2007

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If you use it, comment below please.


28 Responses to “Kiko – Snack Time”

  1. fauxxmuu Says:

    Thanks for the font! Used. :]

  2. xxhyperactive Says:

    nvm usin this instead.

  3. Lol. Finally Got This Avvie And Used This Font :] Its Megar Koote

  4. Maddie Says:

    I used it. Thanks a whole lot for it;)

  5. Maddie Says:

    I used it.

  6. Thaiese Says:

    I dont know if you have read my comments before? I am the one..the only…Thaiese! I rate and comment on a lot of things here.
    And this font…its not really should replace Yummeh with doesnt look..correct.

  7. numbsmile Says:

    I appreciate the constructive criticism. :)

    However, I don’t plan to change my fonts :) If anyone feels so inclined as to alter them slightly, I have absolutely no objections. And even so, some people seem to like the font “yummeh” and all.

    Most of my fonts are simple, and that’s why I personally like them. If you like em, superb =) If you don’t, hey, can’t float everyone’s boat.

  8. astageearlier Says:

    I used this =). These are really cute =). You do a great job =D

  9. pasting Says:

    Using (: Very nice

  10. I LOVE WELLS Says:


  11. liggy Says:

    sweet font! love the avvie!

  12. FeeBee (magicmystro) Says:

    Used it! Vair cute.

  13. Virginia Says:

    Thanks for the font. ^_^ Used it.

  14. Ali Says:

    I used it (:

  15. crazypiegirl Says:

    I used it, AND loved it!!!!!

  16. Cindy Says:

    Love it but dont have the avvie
    i used it!!!! ^^

  17. Paige Says:

    used it.

  18. Katherine Says:

    Used it- thanks

  19. amanda Says:

    I love this. Soooo. I’ll be using this :]

  20. moo245 Says:

    Thanks for putting these up! I used it! :)

  21. Used. Thanks. For my side.

  22. Kate Says:

    Used! Thank Yoohh :3

  23. katie Says:

    Used thanks

  24. katie Says:

    thank you used it

  25. Nikkiculver Says:

    Used this one! I changed what It said but I liked the colours!!

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