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Repunzel! January 13, 2007

Filed under: Coltzan's Shrine — numbsmile @ 5:41 pm


Yes, the title’s irrelevant XDDDD
TOO BAD! ;o But anyway, thanks Coltzy; that is, if we’re in first name terms.


18 Responses to “Repunzel!”

  1. bill Says:

    you guys are just wasting your time you guys suck!

  2. Jona Says:

    what the hell bill! you cant say the people suck!

  3. Helen Says:

    i thought it was great

  4. Jona Says:

    Stop swearing you guys!

  5. Helen Says:

    Shut up you guys!

  6. Mina Says:

    Hey stop it this is a safe chat blog!

  7. numbsmile Says:

    The comments have been moderated, and as such; deleted.

    Bill – I encourage you to get a life, my friend. If you don’t like my fonts, shut up and leave. That’s all you have to do. One click of a button, and you’re GOOD. Understand? Thanks. By the way, don’t stain MY FONT SITE with your silly posts. Your swearing only makes you look incompetent of making proper, constructive criticism – which I open-heartedly accept. This is just crap. KAY BYE!

    Everyone else, have a nice day. Thanks for bringing this to my attention – you know who you areeee !!


  8. numbsmile Says:

    Wowie. Haunt away, sweetie pie. I’ll delete your comments anyway. :)

    Might I suggest … this is a big waste of your life. But then again, quite frankly, I don’t care. You’re rather entertaining with your two-year-old comebacks and spazzes. So keep going. Entertain me. If you haven’t forgotten, I’m the owner of this site. I see ALL comments. I moderate them at the click of one button. Comment a million times, and I’ll get them all :) So yes, Bill. Haunt away.

    And if I’m a loser because I’m keeping my site CLEAN & idiot-free, well then, so be it.

    Seriously, hun. Go find friends, go out with your friends, have fun, and stop wasting your time on leaving ridiculous comments on my site.

    However, if you don’t take this into consideration, know that I look forward to your future posts. By the way, it would help if you’d learn to spell ;)

    PS – Guys, I’m not crazy :P I just chose to delete his useless three comments posted a few hours ago. And since he’s threatening me that he’ll now haunt the site, I thought I might as well give him something to work with.

    Have yourselves a good day guysssss ! You too Bill. Mr. Cranky Pants should get himself some SLEEP.

  9. kate23ad Says:

    What was so bad that Bill posted? Tell me. I am a fellow neopet player.

    I will be back tomorrow to see.
    Please post it!

  10. kate23ad Says:

    Ohh and i forgot to say, i really like your font. Keep up the good work : )

  11. Yamos Says:

    Nubsmile, yo dude what is up wit dis page your actin like your the popo. Its not cool dawg cut im a little slak.

  12. numbsmile Says:

    Kate23ad, & Yamos. Ha. The really hilarious thing is that your IP addresses seem to match those of this “Bill” character ;) Can’t imagine how that would happen…

  13. prettyful Says:

    yo dude yamos. love the way you talk. u cool, dawg!

  14. Yamos Says:

    yo pretty

  15. Amelia Says:

    hi you guys!

  16. Vikki Says:

    I like your fonts and i think there should be more!

  17. Julia Says:

    Can you make a font for Sophie the Swamp Witch please?

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