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The Darkest Faerie January 13, 2007

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If you use it, comment below please.


34 Responses to “The Darkest Faerie”

  1. Spark Says:

    Thanks for the font!

  2. Spark Says:

    Thank you for the font!

  3. I’m stealing the font and changing the color.
    Muahahaa. ;D

  4. inukag12213 Says:

    Thanks love this font, wow keep on changing my font and avi coz the font’s here are awesome!

  5. Athena Says:

    Thanks For the font, it’s awesome!
    Could you make a font for the Faellie Avatar ‘It’s Alive’?

  6. mossie Says:

    thankies :)

  7. Kayla Says:

    Great font, I’m using it! :)

  8. enchant Says:

    Im using it, just changing the words :D

  9. Amy Says:

    Thanks so much for making these!

  10. Megan Says:

    Its a great font i love it.

  11. Natalie Says:


  12. Katie Says:

    Thanks! This font is awesomeness.

  13. Anne Says:

    Using it, although I modified it slightly.

  14. Anne Says:

    I’m using it, although I changed to word.

  15. fantasy Says:

    Thanks! Your Fonts are awesome!

  16. Sabine Says:

    Awesome font- for AC3 :D

  17. Kitty Says:

    Thanks for the font! I love them. :)

  18. Wendy Says:


  19. Cassie Says:

    I used some of this code, so thanks! (:

  20. Cassie Says:

    I used part of your code. Thanks! I’l be sure to credit if asked (:

  21. Foxy Says:

    thanks for the awesome font :D

  22. hannah Says:

    I used part of it.

  23. Fashionistabby Says:

    luv it

  24. Chrys Says:

    Hey. Thank you so much for this. I looked EVERYWHERE for a decent font. You’ve saved me. xx Ta!

  25. Kate Says:

    awesome font

  26. elka Says:

    i used your font and changed the font size, thanks! =]

  27. cat Says:

    tou a usar a fonte =) mt boa
    bigada pela partilha :)

  28. Kyra Says:

    Thanks :)

  29. Twilight Says:

    Aweshum font LOL!

  30. Egypt-chan Says:

    Kyaaa! I love it. <3 I've been looking for a good font for my favorite avvie forever. My Neo username is egyptgrl662.

  31. becci Says:


  32. CJ Says:

    used this font..

  33. Christina Says:

    Using this for my side account. :)

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