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” please I’m desperate ” January 25, 2007

Filed under: Boards — numbsmile @ 7:38 pm


Sweetie, if you were desperate, you’d discover the money-making machine called “games”. It’s a shame that you haven’t found that yet.

Lesson learned? Hopefully … Because after that post, that poor girl got FLAMED. Not by me of course :D I have a site to manage, rather than managing funny people on neopets. There are plenty of people with plenty of time on their hands just waiting to have a snicker with the new ones ;) .. For the new neopets-meisters. Yes, getting those millions might be ridiculously hard at first, but just watch: if you do it respectfully, gradually, and fairly, you’ll get your share – oh, and not to mention this thing called sheer satisfaction since you did it all yourself :)

Now mind you, games aren’t the only place to get Neopoints at this wonderful world – restocking? Stock Market? Dailies? etc.

There’s a NEOworld of possibilities out there ;)


One Response to “” please I’m desperate ””

  1. maccayla Says:

    Dang straight. She must be desperate, REALLY, if she thinks she is gonna get a free job coupon.

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