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Chomby – Colorful January 27, 2007

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If you use it, comment below please.


88 Responses to “Chomby – Colorful”

  1. threonine Says:

    hi! i’m gonna use this for now, thank you!

  2. coda Says:

    i love this font =)

  3. par4phrase Says:

    nice font. thanks!

  4. l_v_nova_v_l Says:

    Thank you soooooo much =)!!!

  5. Parislovee (on oneopets) Says:

    Im telling all my friends

  6. mina17991 Says:

    wow! i really like all of your fonts. i adjusted one to my liking but other than that, i LOVE them!

  7. Ceci Says:

    Purty. =D

  8. Hayley Says:

    I love this. Using it. :]

  9. Sam Says:

    Thanks for a spiffeh font, I did change the boxes to words, but it is still awesome. A big thanks yet again, and I will use your fonts again

  10. Julie Says:

    Love it! using

  11. Tiger Says:

    I loverzzz this font. I chose it!!! :P

  12. Athena Says:

    Thanks for the font, it’s great!

  13. Bridget Says:

    I’m going to use it. Thanks!

  14. Miki Says:

    Thanks so much for the font! It’s purty! And colorful!=D

  15. Blue Says:

    Love this’n, so using it, thanks<3

  16. Anna Says:

    I love this font! Just added my name at the top and it was perfect!

  17. J Says:

    Used this one. Very cute, not really flashy, and annoying. These fonts are great! :D

  18. frogface4994 Says:

    OMG i loveeeeee this font, i’m going to use it for right now. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH

  19. Kiersten Says:

    Hey! Thanks for the font.

  20. Henna Says:

    Love it, thanks! It’s nice and plain, yet beautiful!

  21. Sokhan Says:

    I used it! It rocks :D

  22. Lily Says:

    I wuvv this font.
    I lovee all your fonts.!

  23. Bridget Says:

    Love it, thank you :)

  24. Tiffani Says:

    Hi no it didnt work for me! the boxes are all black!

  25. numbsmile Says:

    Eeek, that must be because I made this font a while ago, way before Neopets set the neoHTML up to have the “#” mandatory.

    Try adding the # before the hex codes

    [center][font s=1 f=verdana]neoHTML[/font][br][font c=red]■[/font][font c=#F8A706]■[/font][font c=#F8F807]■[/font][

    ][center][font c=#83FB9A]■[/font][font c=#1DD1FE]■[/font][font c=#D625D7]■[/font][/center]

    That should probably solve the problem!
    Hope it works :) Let me know.

  26. carmelann Says:

    i’mma using this one.
    awesome font, yeah?
    <3 i loveeee it.

  27. Demi Says:

    I used it. :)

  28. lovesit Says:

    its so cutee(: i love it

  29. Angie Says:

    i used this one your fonts are all so pretty it was hard to pick =]

  30. icy_icee Says:

    I used this.

  31. Dani Says:

    Using this. Thank you!

  32. Dani Says:

    Used. Again. Thanks. (:

  33. abby Says:

    just a tip it is the colorful chomby so why not make the font itself something BESIDES grayscale other than that siggy is cute i like that rainbow apperence

  34. Amei Says:

    how lovely. using it. ;]

  35. Amei Says:


    … just in case my first post didn’t get through. :(

  36. Sarah Says:

    i love it i’m gonna use it btw my username is srw464

  37. Diamond Says:

    Nice font, I’m using it.

  38. naomi Says:

    Using this.

  39. dino Says:

    totally cute :D
    i used it.

  40. Megan Says:

    Using. :D

  41. Brenda/Neko Says:

    Hello! Since you said to, Im posting a comment since Im using this font ^-^ Im glad you have this one. Ive been looking for one like it EVERYWHERE.

  42. Sydney Says:

    I’m gonna use this font. Thanks!

  43. Gracie Says:

    Nice font! ;)

  44. Lina Says:

    Using the font. =) Thanks!

  45. I’m using the font, it’s absolutely lovely :) Thanks!

  46. Laura Says:

    I love your fonts. I used this one. [:

  47. orangellii Says:

    omgee! simply LOVVEEEE it!!!

  48. orangellii Says:

    Ummm….is it okay if I just put some invisible text in the NeoHTML/Signature? It just says “zomg” :D

  49. Hartie Says:


  50. Hartie Says:

    The quilt patterns on the side are so COOL!!!

  51. 12fun298 Says:

    Thank you for the font! It’s so pretty! (I might make the boxes something else though, but no for-sure-s on that point.)

  52. Autumn (autbot0426) Says:

    Awesome :) Goes with alot of avatars I have. Thanks, I will be using this one fo’ sho’!


  53. jackie;; Says:

    thanks, used this :]

  54. Camille Says:

    Hey I am using this font code if you don’t mind thank you. :D I love it. RAINBOWS

  55. midnight Says:

    Thanks for the use of this font!

  56. Nikki Says:

    Using! .. .Thank you so much!

  57. danah Says:

    using it but how do you make your actual writing coloured?

  58. ladyluck! Says:

    Using the font. <3

  59. Natalie Says:

    I love this font. I’m changing it up a bit and using it.

  60. Natalie Says:

    The font colors don’t appear on my posts…

  61. Christina Says:

    This is awesome!

    Using it! (But with the Colourful Korbat one instead xD)
    Thanks for putting it up!

  62. Serii Says:

    I used it but it had to be altered slightly.

  63. xmusicalxrainbowsx Says:

    I’m soooo jacking this! IT Fudgeing ROX!

    (Jacking as in useing, not stealing and claiming as my own, ya know.)

  64. Jes Says:

    Using it, thank you :)

  65. Lizzy Says:

    i used this. (:

  66. Sarah Says:

    On firefox (this font worked on explorer) the squares are red and black, I don’t know if you can fix it or not. Fantastic font though! Keep up the good work.

  67. Sarah Says:

    Hey, I’m using this font.
    I love all of them, well done =]
    Thank youu.

  68. Hk_x Says:

    I love this. Thanks x

  69. Gillian Says:

    I loved it , (and i’m using it) ! :D

  70. Rosemarie Says:

    hi I used your font :D oh and I’m lucy_in_the_sky_5 if anyone wants to find me

  71. Miso Says:

    I’m taking the signature squares ^ w ^
    Thank you~ ^^

  72. sammy Says:

    im using this one, thanks :)

  73. Laura Says:

    thank you! this font is so cute. (:

  74. Karissa Says:

    I love it, but my font turns out fushia instead of black. Oh well, still looks cute.

  75. RJ Says:

    Thankyou for making!
    I’m deffi using this font.

  76. Ivy Says:

    lovely font. ^^

  77. Katie Says:

    i like it (:

  78. cori Says:

    using :]

  79. freckles Says:

    Thanks for the fonts! Using this one, with a few modifications.

  80. neopianhelpersfood Says:

    using! thanks!

  81. spots Says:


  82. primata Says:

    Thanks, nice font ^^

  83. californiasweet717 Says:

    i used this, thank you!

  84. drinkers Says:

    I’m gonna use the base (i.e. hex colors used) but modify it if that’s alright :)

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