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Korbat – Royal January 27, 2007

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If you use it, comment below please.


20 Responses to “Korbat – Royal”

  1. Zoey Says:

    I wanted to let you know i’m using this font
    (I will definately NOT steal it)

  2. Soumya Says:

    Hi! You have got some really cool fonts.Enjoyed going through them.I will be using this font in the neoboards.

  3. Soumya Says:

    Really liked your site.Enjoyed browsing through it.Chose this font.Will never think of stealing it. :)

  4. Manny Says:

    Hello, I am using this font-but I will not steal.

  5. Manny Says:

    It doesn’t work.

  6. numbsmile Says:

    Aha! There is an explanation for that.

    For fonts with “special” fonts in the coding, i.e. “gaze”, or “jester” (I remember using that one too), meaning, fonts that aren’t standard like “verdana” etc., you need to download the font onto your computer.

    I have a downloading tutorial if you like it that much :)

    It’s quick and easy, and may come in very handy in the future. Take a peek, and hopefully it’ll help.

    For the record, the font I used was “Gaze”, if you’re going to download it. :)

  7. Dia Says:

    I used this font and signature. I love it! I never knew how to use fonts and signature, but thanks to your site I know where to go! Thanks!

  8. hihi Says:

    hi just wanted to tell you im using this! so yea thx for making such a great website!

  9. Christina Says:

    Love the fonts!! Looks like alot of hard work!! Will be using this one… Thank You so much!!

  10. Christina Says:

    Absolutely love this site!!

  11. using the hearts
    and the font of some other example cant memba which one though

  12. Kara Says:

    hey im using this font

    neomail dancinggirlygirl426

  13. Jess Says:

    Using this font :)

    Neomail Henry18016

  14. Jess Says:

    The font didn’t work :O

  15. Natt Says:

    This is such a cool font, but it didn’t work on my computer! Sob!

  16. Zoe Says:

    Hi, I loved this font and site! So, I’ll be using this one. Neomail Firestar1323, that’s me!

  17. Aakanksha Says:

    used the signature of this one

  18. rosie Says:

    usingn your font!!:) thanks! these are awesome
    i think they may not work for some but you just need to add a # symbol before the color codes- it worked for me

  19. caitlyn Says:

    im gonna use both the signature and the font of this one. pretty =)

  20. jacqueline Says:

    i love your fonts! i will be using this one and probably many more they are lovely!

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