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Slorg January 27, 2007

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If you use it, comment below please.


17 Responses to “Slorg”

  1. Ritzel Says:


  2. Sam Says:

    I’m using it.

  3. Jai Says:

    I find a lot of your fonts kinda boaring. But I like this one. I’m using it now, though I made a few changes.

  4. Pepper Says:

    Using. It’s lovely, and I’m just going to alter the colors to match my avatar. Good job! ://3

  5. Olive Says:

    its cute, i was thinking of using it but its alittle big.

  6. christina Says:


  7. jj Says:

    love it! using!

  8. icy_icee Says:


  9. MrsJonasx3 Says:

    100% TOTALLY CUTE!
    I’m gonna use it, but I will edit the colours & yeahh…

  10. nikki Says:

    Hi, i love this font, I’mma use this :) thanks

  11. Taylor Says:

    using thanks!

  12. Krystak47 Says:

    Using, thanks! :}

  13. Leeza Says:

    love it! i’ll change it a little to match my avatar :)

  14. Nancy Says:

    Thanks for the board fonts. I changed it a little, but most of it is the same as the original. Thanks again!

  15. ariana Says:


  16. Reina Says:

    Hey(; I’m using this font! And it’s super lovely. Thanks!!

  17. Sabrina Says:

    I’m using it, thanks!

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