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Gloomy March 15, 2007

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If you use it, comment below please.


44 Responses to “Gloomy”

  1. Chey Says:

    I used it ^^. One of my favorite fonts of yours.

  2. Sarah Ann (sarahann88) Says:

    Awesome font! I … adopted it. Thanks for making it!

  3. Melissa Says:

    I love it thanks!

  4. LOoOnie Says:

    Loved it! Totally goes w/ my avvie!

  5. chels Says:

    love it! thanks!

  6. wahishing Says:

    Awesome!!! This font is like the best!

  7. Liz Says:

    Thanks, i like it. ;D

  8. I love small fonts. ROCKINNNN!


  10. Lilly Says:

    Simple, yet awesome. Great job. =D

  11. Rosie Says:

    Awesome font!

  12. Victoria Says:

    Awesome font! I adopted it. :)

  13. Yo mama Says:


  14. frogface4994 Says:

    I love this font, it is just what i was looking for… thanks!!!

  15. ohmylanta_x Says:

    Adorable! xD Thanks.

  16. Dee Says:

    love this one xD

  17. awakebutsleepy Says:

    I love it! :]

  18. SuperMousey Says:

    I tried to use it but it didn’t look like the example you have.

  19. Roxy Comma Says:

    It didn’t work for me, intead of the umbrella its a U and instead of raindrops its S’s.

  20. Gummy Says:

    Awesome font, I used it, thanks!

  21. Jess Says:

    Loved it! Thanks. =)

  22. Twink Says:

    i used it i love it!

  23. Emmy Says:

    I love this font! I make my own, but haven’t had good luck coming up with something for this avvie… I love it! Definately using it.

  24. momo Says:

    i love ur fonts its my fav place to get em can u make more for like other avvies

  25. Zaffie Says:


    It’s cutee!

  26. Lulu Says:

    Used it.

  27. amaya Says:

    used it :D

    it ish cool

  28. Rei Says:

    Rawwwrrrsome. Loves it :D

  29. acid Says:

    this doesnt work. =/

  30. lori Says:

    awesome, i used it!

  31. gillian Says:

    thanks a ton! i love this font, used it for my signature! =3

  32. Used it. Awesome font!

  33. Charlie Says:

    Love the font. Used it. Thanks!

  34. Stellz Says:

    LOVE IT!!! I am using it, for a looooong time!

  35. Serena Says:

    aww thanks for the great font!

  36. Hollow Says:

    I used the raindrop part of the font.

  37. carly Says:

    sweet font. using it, thanks.

  38. Bandits Says:

    Thanks! It totaly rocks with my avvie. I like your siggys, they rule! Keep up the good work and I’ll keep checking out your siggys!

  39. Sarah Says:

    I used the html. I love it.

  40. amy Says:

    used it

  41. kalimount Says:

    im gonna use it

  42. Andy Says:

    This is great! I’m using this. c:

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