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Harris – Hi March 15, 2007

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If you use it, comment below please.


59 Responses to “Harris – Hi”

  1. Reem1 Says:

    =)i like!!

  2. msgrey820 Says:

    cute! I think I might use it :D

  3. 513angelpet513 Says:

    I might use it as well! =D

  4. Bagel Says:

    I love your site,it’s very helpful!
    The font is AMAZING.

  5. none ya Says:

    I love it! and used it

  6. Dexx Says:

    this is sweet.
    i dont have this avvie though
    so im gonna chage the colors

  7. Kat Says:

    I absolutely LOVE it! I’ll also change the colors, though.
    I don’t have the avvie. :(

  8. Bernice Says:

    I Use it :D

  9. jmjc28 Says:

    I used it.. thank you! It is awesome!

  10. Mewuvu Says:

    Terrific Font!! I will use it, it goes so well with the avatar.

  11. Mewuvu Says:

    Awesome font. I’m going to use it.

  12. BL Says:

    You website’s B-E-AUTIFUL!! I snagged this font style :D. Thanks very much!

  13. leanne Says:

    im using this font =]

  14. Anna Says:

    I use this font, and i really like it. I changed the color of the message font, but other than that, it as great!!!!!!

  15. Blazerface Says:

    Im gonna use it =]

  16. lina Says:

    this is great on the neoboards! thx!!

  17. Marissa Says:

    This is soooo pretty = )

  18. abby Says:

    i like and might use

  19. Chelliusbee Says:

    Nice font. Using it right now!

  20. Megan Says:

    Cuute. -using.- :D

  21. Gis Says:

    Hey, I *heart* this font! I’ll definetly use it!

  22. sharon Says:

    I’m using, it’s adorable! Thanks for maknig (:

  23. shippothekit Says:

    Thanks, I’m gonna change it a bit though.

  24. Mugen Says:

    I’m using it! It’s so cute. :3 I’ll only be changing the bottom words if thats okay. Hehe.

  25. kipo Says:

    Will be using. (:

  26. xxCandiie Says:

    I got the avvie just for this matching font!

    (Not really, BUT I was inspired by it. xxP)

  27. Sitting On It Says:

    I think I’m going to use the main structure but change the words and colors. Thanks~

  28. NeopetsLover Says:

    I used it :D It’s awesome.

  29. aquameoww Says:

    ~~Your site is THE best!
    I think that I’ll bookmark it and come here every time that I want to change my font!~~

  30. Pastel Says:

    I love it but I’m going to change the colors.

    Thanks ^_^

  31. Elizabeth Says:


  32. Aqua Says:

    Nice fonts. This one is so pwnful with pwnfulness that I MUST use it. :D Happy new year.

  33. entrigue Says:

    I’m using the neoHTML for this one ^^ And I love it!! The account I’m using it on is eostrum.

  34. Donut Says:

    Awesome font! Love it.

  35. Donut Says:

    I love it! :) I’ll be using it on my main, koala38

  36. Iman Says:

    I think I’m gonna use this with the GTU av, just with a little altering. Thanks!

  37. Julie Says:

    Ill use it ;)

  38. dar Says:

    Sweet font

  39. Becky Says:

    Ooo, nice font! Took me a looong time to get the avvie. 100 days lol. Obviously.

    *uses font*

    Kay, so bye!

  40. Jas Says:

    I am using this font. I just edited a bit.

  41. ___maddie___ Says:

    I think I’m gonna use this one, but with a different avatar. I can’t seem to find that one…..

  42. Madz Says:

    That’s really awesome, thanks! I’ve changed some colours and wording, but all credit to you – super thanks!

  43. sarah (rabbitsrockmysocks) Says:

    I’m gonna use this on neopets.

  44. Christina Says:

    i love your site and i think im going to use this font.
    Thanks! :D

  45. tiffy Says:

    love the site

  46. Summer Says:

    Love it I’m using it (:

  47. jhallel Says:

    thanks, very cute.

  48. Amber Rosalie Says:

    Used it. Love it. xD

  49. Carissa Says:

    Definitely thinking about using it ^_^

  50. ___ending Says:

    Currently using this, with a bit of modification of text.
    All these fonts are wonderful, thank you.

  51. Hannah Says:

    thanks! its cute!

  52. mek Says:

    Changed it a bit, but used it! Thanks

  53. tara Says:

    nice. used it. thankee :)

  54. Kato Says:

    using! username is kato_twirling

  55. varain Says:

    used. (:

  56. Jo Hunter Ng Says:

    I used this, but changed it a little =) Thanks!

  57. EnderEm Says:

    Used Very cute :D

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