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Let it Snow November 17, 2007

Filed under: All Fonts,Neoboard Fonts — numbsmile @ 5:40 pm

[center][font f=arial s=1 c=#2560A1]♣ // LET IT SNOW ..[/font][br][font f=tahoma s=3 c=#528FD2]neoHTML[/font][br][
][font c=#2560A1]# [/font][font c=#528FD2]# [/font][font c=#B3CBE6]# [/font][/center]

If you use it, comment below please.


19 Responses to “Let it Snow”

  1. Trinity Says:

    i’m using this font…It’s sooo cute ; )

  2. Kerri Says:

    Hey. I’m using this font at the moment, and I think it’s a brilliant match for that avatar. Infact, I use most of your fonts. I think they’re brilliant.

  3. Cupcake Says:

    This font is so cute! <3

  4. vbchica Says:

    love it. and using it!

  5. Jenn Says:

    I love it! and im using it! :D

  6. V Says:

    I used it but with a different avatar. I love it!

  7. Fashionistabby Says:

    Luv it can i use it thx!

  8. Kerry Says:

    Hey, just to inform you, I am also using this font! I adore the matching colours, I changed the words to suit me but thank’s love for the colours and font. I will be sure to metion your site name if anyone asks where I got it from! x

  9. Nikki Says:

    I’m using this! :D Lovely font!

  10. Nami Says:

    Usuing the top part!

  11. CC Says:

    This font is so pretty!! Using it right now!

  12. katie Says:

    I’m using it [:
    it’s prettyy :3

  13. Filipa_Maia Says:

    I’m using this font … It’s great !!

  14. Aine Says:

    great font!!
    well done
    love it

    keep up the good work!

  15. angelica Says:

    I0m using it too
    so cute

  16. deeksha Says:

    thank you so much! i love this font!:D

  17. deeksha Says:

    thank you so much! i love this font! :D

  18. EST Says:

    I’m using this – thank you so much!

  19. Jay Says:

    I’m using this font, Cheers.

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