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Uni Faboo November 17, 2007

Filed under: All Fonts,Neoboard Fonts — numbsmile @ 5:44 pm

[center][font f=verdana s=3 c=#A544A5]baby, it’s fαbulous[/font][br][font f=verdana s=1 c=#44A8FF]neoHTML[/font][
][br]{[font s=3 c=#FBA1FB] ♥ [/font]} ¤ {[font s=3 c=#FBB595] ♥ [/font]} ¤ {[font s=3 c=#FADE6E] ♥ [/font]}[/center]

If you use it, comment below please.


72 Responses to “Uni Faboo”

  1. kimmi Says:

    hey! its so cute and pretty and happyful! ^_^
    im using it =) thank you!

  2. sequinshoes Says:

    I am so using it…It is totally cute!!

  3. Trinity Says:

    This font is adorable.

  4. jaks Says:

    its fabuless

  5. Ada Says:

    This font is so cute =]
    Im gona use it Mkay? =]

  6. love2laugh93 Says:

    oooo!!! I love it! Very cute ^^

  7. tokiio Says:

    so cute! ^.^ !! used it but changed the words at the top to be my neoname. is that k?

  8. numbsmile Says:

    Yep, that’s fine :) You can alter the fonts, as long as you don’t claim them as your own.

    Glad you like it ! :D

  9. anne Says:

    I used it, but I changed ot, here’s the link to what it looks like:
    ][br]{[font s=3 c=#FFoooo] ♥ [/font]} ¤ {[font s=3 c=#FF0000] ♥ [/font]} ¤ {[font s=3 c=#FFoooo] ♥ [/font]}[/center]

  10. Jenny Says:

    omg love it so much but how do i use it as a siggie

  11. Tarisa Says:

    thankyou i love it!!

  12. ali-cia Says:

    im ttly using this!! i changed the words a little though…

  13. jessica Says:

    its so cute!

  14. Jen Says:

    I’m going to use it.

  15. Ava Says:

    So cute just making a few changes:)

  16. Amelia Says:

    Very cute! I love it. I used it but altered it a tiny bit. No biggie though. Thanks!

  17. rachel Says:

    okayy… i used it… i guess i have 2 say so????

  18. Jamie Says:

    omg i LOVE it!! i changed it a little though, the thing it said.

  19. Sarah Says:

    love it i’m gonna use it

  20. Shanna Says:

    Using it ^^

  21. kenna Says:

    i used it (i fell in love with it!)

  22. jamieleigh1987 Says:

    thank you so much for making your fonts and letting people use them! i absolutely love this font and am using it…

  23. Lisa Says:

    Very creative. Nice job. I’m using it as is. Thanks for posting it.

  24. Malory Says:

    hii, using it. iloveitt/

  25. Ashley Says:

    Used the Carrot-Do Not Eat Avvie for this one and altered the colors.
    It was ah-mazing. I got so many compliments. ^-^

  26. Kourtnii Says:

    Wow Ths Is Great.
    Im Gonna Use It.


  27. Stephanie Says:

    I used it but I altered the colors and the neoHTML a bit.
    It’s really nice by the way!

  28. Brandy Says:

    I totally love the font in it, and the design. Although I changed what the “baby, its fabulous” to ‘baby, brandys innocent’ so it can fit my avater and to have my name in it.. :D

    Other then that- I use these that you have made all the time. Thanks

  29. Bobby(girl) Says:

    Cute! I used it and altered it a bit, though. Thanks!

  30. evilfuzzy3(Rachel) Says:

    Using it.

  31. Megan Says:


  32. Amanda Says:

    I LOVE IT!!!

  33. Megan Says:

    Using. I changed the “Baby it’s fabulous” part. Too girly for me. :B

  34. Amy Says:

    Brilliant thanks =]

  35. Nicole Says:

    <3 This font. Thanks so much :D

  36. yody Says:


  37. Cici Says:

    Thanks for letting us use these. Very helpful!! xxx

  38. dee Says:

    This font is superb!
    Im using it

  39. Walnut Says:

    I’m using it-I edited it a bit though. <3

  40. Nami Says:

    Luv it!

  41. Daisyy Says:

    =] love this one.
    got to have it.

  42. driftingdreamz Says:


  43. kate Says:

    thanks <3s it

  44. Gummyhippo Says:

    I adore it im using it on gummyhippo everyone please apply to join my guild ! :)

  45. LizHollow Says:

    That’s totally adorable! Thanks for putting it up!

  46. Gaby Says:

    This is adorable. I’m using it. :)

  47. ayeshasworld Says:

    Your the best sight I have come across. Thank you xoxoxo

  48. ayeshasworld Says:

    Your the best site I have come across. Thank you xoxoxo

  49. alvamar001 Says:


  50. Scratyfink Says:

    Hey, Wow You Have Some Amazing Fonts, It Was Hard To Choose Just One, So I’ll Prob Be Back On Here Alot, I Hope You Don’t Mind If I Recomend You.
    Anyway I’m Using This Font For The Now :)
    Thank You

  51. pipsqueak_ouch Says:

    So totally using this font! It’s BRILLIANT

  52. pipsqueak_ouch Says:

    Im using this

  53. Sharon Says:

    Love the font!!!!

  54. Princess Says:

    Best stinken font I’ve EVER seen!!!!!!!!!! I love you guys xoxoxoxoxo!!!

  55. Tony Says:

    I love your fonts! They are cute and simple. I’m using this one :D I totally wanna get the avvie to match!

  56. Hischerrypie Says:

    Used it, but changed the colors to fit the Snorkle av. Also, changed the words at the top to my name.


  57. Aakanksha Says:

    this font is awesome!!
    i’m using it.

  58. rae Says:

    Ima use it. But I think I’ll change the words. If that’s okayy?

  59. Hannah Says:

    Used this! Thanks so much, it’s gorgeous!

  60. Jewlz Says:

    aw that’s amazing!!! (: thanks!

  61. Cat Says:

    :) Love this font

  62. Olivia Says:

    Using it. Loving it. Thanks :)

  63. Olivia Says:

    Thanks! I love it ;)

  64. Nyuu Says:

    USING ^_^

  65. victoria Says:

    thanks! :)

  66. Briar Says:

    Oh-ehm-gee, that’s so cute. XD

  67. Pae Says:


    Thanks for access to the best, and cutest fonts/avies!!!

  68. nicole Says:


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