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A Day at the Beach June 1, 2008

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[center][font f=impacts=3c=#2CCBCA]i absolutely live for summer[/font][br][font f=georgias=1]neoHTML[/font][
][br][font f=impacts=4c=#F2DD5E]the laughs, the loves, the memories[/font][br][fontc=#AAD8FDs=4]♥ ♥ ♥[/font][/center]

If you use it, comment below please.


124 Responses to “A Day at the Beach”

  1. Ari Says:

    I love this one. I don’t really understand fonts, and I was looking for a summer one, and this really helped. Amazing!

  2. vicki Says:

    This is an awesome font. Thanks! :]

  3. Emily Says:

    I love it! It’s so pretty. haha… Anyways, thanks. :D

  4. kamini_ Says:

    I’m using this! It’s gorgeous :D
    BTW–I changed the words a little bit…I hope you don’t mind? Thanks so much!!

  5. I have been looking for the perfect one and i found it!! Thanx alot!!

  6. Ooch Says:

    I’m using this font! Btw, I lUV it!

  7. Wolfpup_ Says:

    I’m using, but changing the coding a bit. :D

  8. Laura Says:

    Love it! I’m going to change the text if you don’t mind, but it rocks.

  9. Rae Says:

    oh my goodness this is so cute :] i’m def. using it!! i only wish i had that avvie :/ i dont want to wat 99 dayyyss!
    oh well :]

  10. Rae Says:

    ps: oops i got the harris and this avatar confused… 0_o haha it’s been a long day and i was looking at both of them. which avatar is this anyways??? haha im amazing. sorry!

  11. Brittany Says:

    i really wanted a beach font and i love yours! i changed the text to “Summer 08” in the signature. i hope you dont mind :]

  12. Erika Says:

    Awesome fonts thanks! using the beach one.

  13. Lexi Says:

    I liked this one! I used it too! Thanks

  14. Krystina Says:

    hey thanks for the font i used part of it to make my own bu tthanks for the format :D

  15. sophia Says:

    I loved this one! It’s so creative, and gives a special message. =3 I also used it. ^^ Thanks!

  16. Hannah Says:

    this is cool i like it i used it. it is very special

  17. Amy Says:

    Ahh, I love it! Using ^^. Thanks!

  18. Asha Says:

    Thanks for this amazing signature^^
    I love it<3…i am horrible at making them so this helped
    Love the quote too^^

  19. DC Says:

    This was so cute. it like…….amazing. i Luv it lots. :]

  20. Erica Says:

    I love this font!

  21. Sarah Says:

    I’m going to use it ok btw my username is srw464

  22. shannon Says:

    love this!<3

  23. michelle Says:

    i love your fonts :) it makes people want to look at my guild

  24. Elizabeth Says:

    *uses and tweaks a bit*

  25. Sarah Says:

    If ever I was to use a premade, I would use this one. It’s really pretty. ;3

  26. Lily Says:

    I love this one!
    Thank you. <3

  27. alexa Says:

    luvin it <3

  28. Sarah Says:

    used this font-i love it!

  29. Victoria Says:

    I sortof changed it a bit.

    [font f=gigis=3c=#2CCBCA]I absolutely live for summer[/font][br][font f=Tahomas=1][center]neoHTML[/font][

    ][br][fontf=papyruss=4c=#F2DD5E][b]laughs, loves, and memories[/b][/font][br][fontc=#AAD8FDs=4]♥ ♥ ♥[/font][/center]

  30. Hyo Says:


  31. Fereshta Says:

    im using this! thanks! it looks AWESOME!!!!!! great job!

  32. janie Says:

    looks perfect

  33. Pixie Says:

    Taken, thanks!

  34. lovelais Says:


    Lovin the font! Thanks :)

  35. Jessica Says:

    Hey! Awesome Font! It Rocks!=)

  36. Cat Says:

    THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR THE FONTS!!!!!!!! I changed it a bit and i hope that’s alright. But i promise if anyone asks I will tell them about you and your amazingness!!!!!!!!!

  37. Kate Says:

    thanks for the font

  38. Thanks so much! I love this font!

  39. sharon Says:

    love it.
    using (:

  40. Sam Says:

    I loved it. So cute, so I used it :]

  41. Samm Says:

    I love this font =) I’m gonna use it.

  42. Iphigenia Says:

    ooooh i love this one! ^_^.
    i hope you dont mind, im going to change the colours around a bit and the wording too? but ill still acknowledge you

  43. Lizzy Says:

    I absoluteley love it! Thanks a lot!

  44. Sophe Says:

    love this font, its gorgeous and perfect for this summer weather.
    not that i’m getting much as its pouring with rain here :)
    thanks for the fonts, they’re great! x

  45. :) Says:

    Totally love it! I hope you don’t mind me using it!

  46. JoBeth Says:

    omg i love this! all i have to do is look through my list of avvies and it will all be so cute! i love it! thanks alot!


  47. Nikki Says:

    You officially own my soul! This font is amazing =]]] thank you thank you thank you! =]]]]

  48. Nikita Says:

    I love this font! I changed the text though but still! Its awesome!

  49. D: Says:

    Used it! xD

  50. xchaoticxfirex Says:

    This one matched the Death Note quote I had! Thanks!

  51. xD Says:

    This is a Great font!

  52. thanks, ill be using it!

  53. the_happiest_kumquat Says:

    using dis :P

  54. Laura Says:

    I love it! Definitely using. [:

  55. sskislove Says:

    i used this (: its so cute

  56. Fashionistabby Says:

    It is sooo pretty i used it i hope you dont mind! thx

  57. g_realitybites Says:

    Hi, great font! Using it but have changed it a little to suit. Cheers :)

  58. Ash Says:

    Hey! Thank you so much for creating these great fonts! You are amazing!

  59. Lauren Says:

    Hi! this is really neat so I am going to use it. Good job on making it =].

  60. Maddy Says:

    OMG loved it thanx!

  61. Spencer Says:

    Lovelovelove it
    I’m using it : )

  62. allie Says:

    I’m using it and tweaking a bit…thank youuuu!!!!

  63. Kaitlyn Says:

    Love the font, changing the siggy though

  64. Gabriell Says:

    I used this font to describe my boyfriend Andrew, of course i changed the word. this font is perfect it looks good and is easy to read

  65. Katt Says:

    cool font! thanks!

  66. Daniel Says:

    Thanks for this one I loved the fonts and colours, I changed it a bit but I’m using it :D

  67. Larrissia. Says:

    SO using<333

  68. Aero Says:

    OMG love it!!! <333 All i want now is the avatar to go along lol!!

  69. Cindy Says:

    Changed to this one!

  70. Gie Says:

    i loooove this! it’s just what i need. thank you sooo much. mmmwah ;)

  71. Sarah Says:

    It’s amazing.
    I love it =]
    You really help, because once you’ve had a font for too long it’s easy to change it around and it still looks great.

    Thanks so much, and keep rocking =]

  72. Tricia Says:

    (username = snowboarder_10567)

    I used this font and i love it! I got many comments on it and questions on where i got it.

    i changed it from “I absolutely live for summer” to “Live for summer” i hope you dont mind

  73. Tess Says:

    Awesome font! I’m using it! ^^

  74. Victoria Says:

    my favourite on this site(:

  75. Jackie Marie Says:

    i like this font a lot but it never worked for me!! only the last part would show up and it would cut off part of my message!!

  76. Elise Says:

    I love this 1, thanks for making it~
    Im using it! ^.^

  77. kk Says:

    im using it. its so lovely! ty

  78. jessie Says:

    wow thanks for ur awsome fonts u rock!!!!

  79. Steph Says:

    awesome :) taken

  80. neko_sammich Says:

    Hey I had to grab this one when I found it, it’s great! Awesome job =)

  81. Megan Says:

    Thank you so much for having this up, very helpful :)

  82. katie Says:

    im using this one! soo awesome!!!

  83. Torzzzz Says:

    I used it thanks!

  84. Bianca Says:

    oh my gosh. i love this font. thanks soooo much for posting it. :)

  85. Kat Says:

    Love this font! Awesome. Must bookmark this page for later! :D

  86. ME! Says:

    So cute!

  87. Jillian Says:

    I love this font thanks! :)

  88. Emily Says:

    using! xx

  89. Emily Cullen Says:

    All of your fonts are amazing, and it was really hard to pick this one, but I managed to decide in the end.
    Keep up the good work!

  90. paula Says:

    used this one its so pretty thanks!

  91. Nyar Says:

    It doesn’t FITTTTTTTTTTT

  92. catfan12 Says:

    I love this font. :)

  93. me Says:

    :D im using it!i love it :D

  94. erin Says:

    Love your beach theme,,,thanks!

  95. Miss D Says:

    The beach theme is awesome! I’m using it, but changing the words from ” i absolutly live for summer” to “I love summer”.

  96. Caitlin Says:

    This is absolutely perfect for me.
    thank you so much,
    neoMail me.

    • pattycakes x3(: Says:

      ohmygosh, best fonts everrr x3
      ihm usinq this font on neopets ((:
      ayyeitspatrycja; hit meh up.

  97. Chrissy Says:

    thanks for this font, I have used this but changed the words.

  98. dena330 Says:

    about to use it right now :)

  99. Steph Says:

    I love it! Thanks you so much! :D

  100. Jord Says:

    I think I’m gonna use this one. I like it.

  101. Poptartbaby97 Says:

    Love it ;)

  102. heather Says:

    i love this one!

  103. Amy Says:

    I’m using your font and I absolutely love it!
    Thanks :)

  104. Jasiie Says:

    Heey ♥
    I’m using your font and i love it ;)

  105. coolgirl22422 Says:

    I love this font, so I am downloading it now! great job!! By the way, if you want you can add me as a neofreind, you can .My username is coolgirl22422

  106. tara Says:

    im useing it i love it

  107. Lizzy Says:

    I love this! thank you! (:

  108. Lizzy Says:

    Thanks! (:

  109. ___spongebob___ Says:

    im using it :3

  110. Jesssss Says:

    I’m uuuusing it :D

  111. LYS Says:

    i’m using it (:

  112. Jess Says:

    im using it thanks :D

  113. benny Says:

    usee it

  114. audrey Says:

    im using this

  115. Sonia Says:

    thanks for the lovely font!

  116. Shannon Says:

    It’s 2019 and this site is still getting used! Thanks for the font!

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