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Gormball – Gargarox June 1, 2008

Filed under: **New**,All Fonts,Coltzan's Shrine,Neoboard Fonts — numbsmile @ 1:04 pm

[center][font f=georgias=5c=#FB0000][b]POW![/b][/font][br][font f=tahomas=1]neoHTML[/font][br][fontc=#19C8F1]&!*[/font][

If you use it, comment below please.


22 Responses to “Gormball – Gargarox”

  1. RAIIISA Says:

    i’m using it ^^
    but adopted some little things for shenkuu :}

  2. naomi Says:

    where do you get the Avatar from??
    I like it and might use it.

  3. jowisaur Says:

    heyy thanks for the fonts. :D

  4. Luka Says:

    Thanks, I love this one :D

  5. erin Says:

    im using it

  6. Nat Says:

    im using it
    (edited slightly but its still cool)
    nice job!

  7. bumminy Says:

    I’m using the siggy. it’s cool. (:

    I’m also putting on my prof. that I get all fonts from here. (:

  8. helena Says:

    I’m using your siggy!
    I just edited it a little for my guild~
    It’s amazing though!

  9. the_happiest_kumquat Says:

    im using dis but i’s changing it

  10. meredith8754 Says:

    hey thanks for the awesome fonts. this one is m-azing. :D

  11. dark_angellife Says:

    nice fonts!

  12. Dawn Says:

    I am using it. (:

  13. totalhorseluver (neopets name) Says:

    Hey I wanted to use this one ^^ I love it and changed the colors

    I posted a comment earlier but I can’t see it now…so if you see two that’s why :)

  14. entrigue Says:

    I’m using this font on the account totalhorseluver if that’s cool ^^ Thank you.

  15. melanie Says:

    i used to bottom half…

  16. Aqilah Misuary Says:

    Use it

  17. Morgan Says:

    Using it!

  18. amanda Says:

    I like this!
    I’m gonna use it.

  19. Ricketreturns Says:

    cute, gonna use it :)

  20. blahblah Says:

    i used it.. thnks [:

  21. Stephanie Says:

    I am using this font & I am loving it! ♥

  22. Olivia Says:

    I like it ;)

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