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I ♥ Happiness June 1, 2008

Filed under: **New**,All Fonts,Neoboard Fonts — numbsmile @ 12:47 pm

[center][font f=tahoma s=1 c=#94C332]{ ♥ } – [/font][font f=tahoma s=1 c=#BDE076]neoHTML[/font][br][
][font f=arial s=4 c=#E37EF0][b]ILOVE[/b][/font][font f=arial s=4 c=#CD64DB][b]HAPPINESS[/b][/font][/center]

If you use it, comment below please.


53 Responses to “I ♥ Happiness”

  1. Devin Says:

    I used this :D

  2. Rain Says:

    I used this but I changed the font sizes and colors. Thank you.

  3. Madison Says:

    i used it, but i pretty much changed it all up. But thankyou (:


    I used it but edited a bit

  5. vicky Says:

    im using it, but i changed it a little

  6. Vindicated Says:

    I’m using it atm o: not sure if i’ll keep it the avatar is weird

  7. Jay Says:

    :D i used it, but i changed the color and writing. but it was awesome! :D

  8. Lingling Says:

    I used it, but editted it a bitttt. :]]

  9. Anna Says:

    I used it! its wicked cute =] i just changed the siggy

  10. Amanda Says:

    Im using this font! If you wanna make sure my username is Attic_guild_account and my password is compared12

  11. layla Says:

    i used this. its cool

  12. lizzy Says:

    totally cute
    change the wording though

  13. Kiko Says:

    I used it! It’s great! I changed the wording though

  14. kelsey Says:

    i used this, thanks!

  15. kirsty Says:

    used it and changed it thanks :) x

  16. lily Says:

    yo yo yo just posting cuz i think i will use one… byeas!

  17. i m useing it rite now but i dnt no how to get the avatar

  18. Used it but changed the wording c:
    Thank you.

  19. countvladimir Says:

    Hello Hello! :D I’m using this one! :D

  20. O.o Says:

    I luf this one! I can use it now that I got the new I *heart* happiness avvie xD

  21. Giovanna Says:

    i LOVE this one!! it’s awsome!! Like this website the neomail addiction one wasn’t workin’ so i chose this one and it’s gonna be great!!!

  22. Divya Says:

    I used this edited a bit though

  23. lola Says:

    omg i love this font i used it …love all your fonts :)

  24. E Says:

    Hey I love this one! I’m using the neoSIGNATURE if that’s cool.
    –dark_angels1616 (so you know which user I am)

  25. Larrissia. Says:

    i used.

  26. Emilaylah Says:

    I am Using this! THanks!

  27. Taylor Says:

    Thx i used it.

  28. melanie Says:

    im using the siggy:]

  29. anna Says:

    i used thissss! ;D

  30. Ruffyzas Says:

    I used this.
    Thanks. :D

  31. Gamergirl Says:

    Thxs for helping me again. You rule! Luv the new NeoHTML. :D

  32. ry Says:

    used it but edited it :P

  33. iloveicecream4eva Says:

    i did

  34. SesameeSeed Says:

    Used it, But changed it :)

  35. Kim Says:

    Using it (: Love it.

  36. Blurg Says:

    Used the font. Thanks :3

  37. Elljay Says:

    XD used, but changed a little, thank you!

  38. Brenna Says:

    I used it. [:

  39. Alli Says:

    I love this one <3. I think I'm going to use it. Thank you for letting us use it, dear!

  40. GamerGirl Says:

    I love it!

  41. Blake Says:

    I used it thanks =P

  42. Kaela Says:

    I changed up colors for the font, but I like. ^^

  43. Court Says:

    i used but edited

  44. 0mgzz Says:

    i edited :D

  45. Simon Says:

    Used but edited =]

  46. cali Says:

    used it, thnx!

  47. Meg Says:

    I used it, thanks. :)

  48. Olivia Says:

    Hmm. I like it ;)

  49. Amanda Says:

    I’m using it! I think it’s great.

  50. Gabrielle Brumfield Says:

    I’m using this font.
    Very cute!

  51. Kerri Says:


  52. Pae Says:

    I borrowed this font!

  53. Nikki Says:

    I used this

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