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Maraquan Chomby June 1, 2008

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[center][font f=georgias=5c=#00BFC7][b]maraquan chomby[/b][/font][br][font f=tahomas=1c=#9CCF17]neoHTML[/font][

If you use it, comment below please.


70 Responses to “Maraquan Chomby”

  1. Sabine Says:

    Hey, cool fonts. I use a variety of them and mix them up!


  2. Kelin Says:

    I used this font. It’s very good, thank you!

  3. Ooch Says:

    I LUV this font!!! Thanks for letting us use this!!!!!!!! I changed the neoHTML part a bit though.. It’s the same color, I just added a heart at each end. If you mind, please neomail me about it, if you don’t, then, well, I guess it doesn’t matter. Thanks though!

  4. no name Says:

    love it!

  5. meh Says:


  6. Twinkle Says:

    This one is so cute!

  7. Twinkle Says:

    I changed just changed the lines to hearts

  8. evilfuzzy3(Rachel) Says:

    Hey, I am going to use this one. ^.^ I am just changing the bit that says Maraquan Chomby to Rainbow Rachel lol.

  9. boblina Says:


  10. Kylee Says:

    Very nice :))

  11. Meylin Says:

    thanks used your font.
    they are fantastic.

  12. Kitty Kat Says:


  13. Leafy Says:

    Thank you, these fonts rock and I love them. Thanks fot making them! :)

  14. Bob Says:

    These are really cool fonts. :)

  15. Diamond Says:

    Love it =D Changed the chompy part to ‘Glitter like a star’.

  16. Kit Says:

    Cuteness! Definately loving this one!

  17. hai. Says:

    i so used it. ^-^

  18. Randomness Says:

    amazing font! I’m using it ^-^

  19. thirrin Says:

    I made a few adjustments but great fonts and colours (for queen thirrin) :)

  20. Joy Says:

    i like this font :] so im using it ! thanks<3

  21. Abbey Says:

    Hey! I used this font. Thank you! :)

  22. Meliss Says:

    I Luff This Font!

  23. Anna Says:

    I used this font =) I changed the colours around a bit cos I was using it with a different avatar, I hope that’s okay ^^

  24. Avon Says:

    Hey thanks so much for making this. Seriously. You have some talent with coding. I snagged this one, but changed the colors around.

  25. Lexi Says:

    I used the font, thanks!

  26. Megan Says:

    Thank you for the wonderful font!

  27. Jamie Says:

    i used this. thank you a lot<3

  28. sardonicauthor Says:

    I used this one for my neo account, sardonicauthor, but I changed the coding a little to match my preferences.

    Thank you for the awesome font!!! ^^ <3

  29. hannah Says:

    i have used this font. its so cute!!!

  30. Blait Says:

    I used it

  31. Brittany Says:

    im using a part of this font :]

  32. Renee Says:

    Alsome fonts! I love this one!

  33. Celina Says:

    Thanks for this font, it’s awesome!
    Will be using~ ;3
    But I’ve changed the ‘maraquan chomby’ to ‘dance, water, dance’, if that’s okay… ^^;

  34. Sam Says:

    Hey. :) I used it.

  35. victoria Says:

    used it, but changed it for the baby kougra.

  36. Oreo Says:

    Awesome fonts (:
    My username is takephotographs, by the way.
    My font is based off of this…And I love it.
    Thanks! ^^

  37. Maddie Says:

    good job with the fonts! I hope you dont mind that I changed it slightly!

  38. Melissa Says:

    Ahmazing fonts. (:
    I edited it a bit, if you don’t mind. ^^

  39. Nettie Says:

    I’m using this font, if you don’t mind. I really like it.
    : ]

  40. briana Says:

    it didn’t work for me let me try again

  41. oriolesgirl Says:

    cool using it.thanks!

  42. entrigue Says:

    I use this font as missynipper ^^ Love it!

  43. xohaley Says:

    I’ll be using this font, thank you.

  44. Lemon Says:

    I loved the font, it was very nice! I like how used the ‘ for the siggy. Anyway, I changed the colors to match my avvie, and the words, but I still used your coding cuz it is so fab!!!

  45. Luca Says:

    I used this changed the maraquan chomby Thankies :D

  46. Alyssa Says:

    Thanks…im possibly using this!

  47. sara Says:

    hey, sorry im kind of new to this whole thing. & i was wondering, how do i get rid of the bit that says.. this is what your font will look?

  48. ashley Says:

    heyy! thanks for creating such awesome fonts:) i used this one

  49. Alanna Says:

    I used it thank you

  50. doggiejackneo Says:

    i used the basic coding but changed all of the wording :P

  51. Sophie Says:

    Thanks, this font is awesome!

  52. Meg Says:

    It’s awsome! Great Help!

  53. Isabella Says:

    Thanks for the awesome fonts!

  54. Lucky Says:

    I love this font. I’m gonna be using it. Changing the coding up a bit, but keeping the basic codes. Thank you!

  55. bubbles Says:


  56. kath Says:

    awesome font! thanks, used it on my neopets account :)

  57. Rain Says:

    I am going to use it.

  58. tay Says:

    used it loved it thanx

  59. Jadecat Says:

    I always mix these up. Thanks!

  60. Jadecat Says:

    Used it thanks!

  61. eostrum Says:

    I used this font, thanks very much ^_^

  62. Hailey Says:

    I used it(:
    I changed it up a bit but still.
    Thanks C:

  63. Jane Says:

    Thanks I just put “love” for the HTML and for the Neosignature I just put “Forever”

  64. sonic_7692 Says:

    Used it, and I love it! Thanks!

  65. Rebecca Says:

    Thanks, love it!

  66. jaim3b Says:

    Love it :)
    Thanks so much!
    you’ve got real talent, it’s really good :3

  67. Sophie Says:

    I love it, thank you very much!

  68. Monica Says:

    I used this one.

  69. Artemis Says:

    Used this as a kinda template, but changed it around some- thanks!

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