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Not for Wreathale June 1, 2008

Filed under: **New**,All Fonts,Neoboard Fonts — numbsmile @ 12:58 pm

][br][fontc=#009300s=4]*xmastree*; [b]merry[/b][/font][fontc=#004F00s=4][b]christmas[/b][/font][/center]

If you use it, comment below please.


28 Responses to “Not for Wreathale”

  1. boblina Says:

    it doesn’T WORK ON ACC

  2. numbsmile Says:

    Bizarre; it should. What doesn’t work?

  3. i am going to use this font, but with the attack pea avatar.

  4. unavalible Says:

    awesome font thnx!

  5. Lexi Says:

    Using it

  6. jessica Says:

    thanks I am using this and I love it…. neopets username pinkchik711

  7. goldensealight Says:

    My username is goldensealight (if not figured out already) and I used it. Thanks!

  8. Stephanie Says:

    I used it. Thanks!

  9. aster Says:

    I’m using it! thanks!

  10. Kayla Says:

    thanks a lot! I am using it!

  11. Moe Says:

    Hey, WONDERFUL font! I’m using it, thanks! Neo username 12mspencer

  12. Sarah Says:

    nice i’m using it username: srw464

  13. Jasmine Says:

    I’m using it, it’s so pretty :D
    Username : jaassminee

  14. mandie Says:

    I use your fonts all the time! I also use parts of your fonts and the different colours! Thanks soooo much!

  15. Racheal Says:

    I used this font when I got the avatar. Christmas is my favorite season! :D
    Thankz! <3

  16. LostStarz Says:

    I am using the lovely font but just with the Techo avi with my christmas techo active :D Thanks for the great work!

  17. sydney Says:

    I’m Using this (:

  18. Nikki Says:

    Eyy thanks for the fonts,
    I don’t want mine to look exactly the same so I’m altering it
    but I’m using the base of it.

  19. I Says:


  20. vaaaaann Says:

    loove this font!

  21. shadowfire Says:

    Thanks! Great font! =D

  22. Anonymus Says:

    I used it :D

  23. Braincheese Says:

    I changed the sizes a little, but thanks!

  24. Kayla Says:

    Using! Thanks a lot. :D

  25. Nita Says:

    I’m using it. Changed the sizes C; Thanks a lot <3

  26. kass Says:

    wow what a perfect siggie :D thanks!!

  27. Millie Says:

    Im using it, my username is cuitelips ;D
    Thank you and Merry Christmas All! :)

  28. jacqueline Says:

    Im using it thanks!

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