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Talk about perfect timing! January 25, 2007

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So like, five seconds before I got blasted by my friend- the Snowager.
And then this thing appears. Seriously. Perfect timing, much?


Moreee! =DDDD

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These things are cool. Veddy cool. ^^


not too shabby!

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I like!


yes, I’m rich once more!

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Phwoa, yeah. This x 349587349875 will give me 95837948574958734984759384 Neopoints. I know you love my math, by the by.


SO TOTALLY THE BEST. ☻ January 8, 2007

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So this is totally the best Random Event.. ever. XD
Now I’m in a pickle:
Sell or use?
(Worth 300K on the Trading Post. If you’re an interested buyer, go offer XD)

Edit: Already sold, thank you very much (:


I can *really* get used to this!

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Mmmm. Thank you, Random Event.
Je t’aime, aussi! ♥


mmm. my kind of random event XD

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So I think I could get used to this XD