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Contact January 5, 2007

If you would like to contact that webmistress, blogmistress (whatever) *ahem*, me, you can do so by:

    • E-mailing me at
    • Neomailing me at Smartbella264
    • Leaving a lovely comment on any part of the page. Don’t worry (; I’ll find it.

If you can’t catch me, then we’ve got a huuuuge problem!
No worries though: I’m on Neopets quite often *phewf*
And even though the e-mail address is not my main, I will look at it every so often.

    So if you have any suggestions, questions, concerns, flames (whatever!) I seriously invite you to contact me. I would greatly appreciate the use of English- kind of facilitates communication, just kind of. Even if you have something flame-esque to tell me, honestly, I ask you to do it politely. I respect all of your opinions, I really do, and I ask that you do the same. Maybe some of the stuff I express here won’t exactly mirror your opinion, but seriously, that’s no excuse to flame me.

So I ask, even if you’re suggesting a new addition to my little site here, or if you’re going to ask a question: do it with the kindest intentions.

    Also don’t be scared to contact me; the worst that’ll happen is that I’ll contact you back (: And I’m really not as bad as I seem, hehe ^^

THANKS for coming to this neck of the woods in the first place. I genuinely hope you like what you see, and please do take care!

    Aaaaaaand, I’m done (:

8 Responses to “Contact”

  1. a neofriend Says:

    do you know if it is possible to align right on the siggy of the boards? I can align left – obviously – and centre, but I can’t seem to alight right.

  2. Yuki Says:

    if u want to contact me at anime_panic_lover

  3. danniegurl4388 Says:

    How did you do the “way you wear your head”?
    Those are the categories I was talking about.

  4. Vic Says:

    I also wonder how to do align right; I’ve seen some people do it before, but…

  5. StarryEyedSuprise10 Says:

    okay so i copy and paste the siggy thingys into my font box for neoboards…but only half the colors come out, and when i try and change them….they don’t work….help???

  6. kaleidoscope Says:

    What fonts does this happen with?

  7. kaleidoscope Says:

    As per the align right… I was looking into that a while ago, but I couldn’t figure it out :[ Sorrry! I’m not THAT pro :P haha.

  8. Zoey Says:

    I LOVE your fonts! I was wondering if you could make a font for this avatar: Mad about Orange

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