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Neoboard Fonts January 6, 2007

Okay. Here’s what I think you should know about these fonts.

    • I will not make them on demand. Ever.
    • I make them for fun.
    • If you use it, post a comment, or neomail me at smartbella264. It’s all I ask.
    • Don’t claim they’re your own, because they’re not.
    • Use them, don’t abuse them.
    • Even if you change part of the coding, they are STILL mine.
    • If I see you stealing my fonts (meaning, taking credit for them) you will get reported.

AGAIN. If you use my fonts, pleasepleaseplease post a comment HERE that you did. Let me know what you think of it, and feel free to use them.


        1) The first text box is for your neoHTML.
        2) The second is for your neoSIGNATURE.
        3) Copy and paste the code, and put it in the correct box.
        4) Submit your font, and enjoy.
        5) Comment on the font you used.


Easy. There’ll be a lot of them eventually. So you see that search thing on the side? -pokes search tool- Search the name of the avatar, OR a key word (i.e. doll, sloth, elephante), and the page with the avatar font should come up. Once it comes up, (if something comes up) it’ll be in the form of some very sloppy HTML. Ick. Click on the title of the blog, and it should take you to the pretty looking display page. If nothing comes up, it’s because of three reasons: I don’t have a font made for the particular avatar yet, I made a mistake in naming the avatar, or you made a mistake in typing the avatar. If you have the time, just search through the blogs, and I’m sure you’ll find whatever you’re looking for.


    The colours of the fonts are very slightly altered. You can best view the exact colours, when tested yourself. -shrug- Sorry, can’t do much with paint! Hehe. ^^


If you would like to view my gallery of fonts, please look under “Categories” > Neoboard Fonts. They will appear as blogs, with all the necessary coding for your benefit.


    It has come to my attention, that some of the actual fonts (i.e. Jester) may not work on all computers. If you have the font downloaded onto your computer, it should work smoothly. The only way to really see, is if you go to the Neoboards and test it out yourself. If the font doesn’t look like the sample, then it clearly doesn’t work.


Obviously, the newer fonts I make will go under the **new** section. Go check it out. Everytime I make new fonts, I’ll categorize them under this section, and I’ll remove the other ones and simply put them under the general “All fonts” folder. You can find all of the old fonts there, so don’t fret. :) Again, the search button is useful because I usually make more fonts every week.


    People aren’t commenting, and that’s either because people hate my fonts and don’t use them :( OR they’re using them without my consent. The latter is a problem, and if I see you using my fonts then I’ll have to report you. Commenting is NOT that hard. All you have to do is say “I’m using this font.” If you’re scared about revealing your e-mail, do something like “” so that I know your Neopets username, but not your e-mail. Seriously, I won’t ever e-mail you (whoa, that’d be creepy) even if you do comment them. I won’t neomail you either, so yes. I respect your privacy TOTALLY :) I really just want to know who’s using my fonts, and if I should continue making them. So PLEASE comment them!

For a List of Available Fonts click here !

You may find this identical list by looking under “The Way You Wear Your Head” and clicking on the Neoboard Font / All font / or New Fonts links !

Seriously? I don’t care what you think about my fonts :) They might be simple, but I like them. If you have a problem, you can escort yourself out. ^^ Or, leave me a bashful comment. That’s always fun.


397 Responses to “Neoboard Fonts”

  1. Lori Says:

    I will not make them on demand. Ever.

    *COUGH* not true, you made one for me! :D

  2. me Says:

    Hey, me and my friends use your fonts so I guess I thought id leave a comment. later!

  3. Lily Says:

    Hi, I use your fonts, so I guess I have to leave a comment. bye.

  4. Sasha Says:

    Hey I like the fonts you make

  5. coda Says:

    First time using one of your fonts!!
    good job!!

  6. Kitteh Says:

    Hi uh….. Rita? Idk which one it is sorry :P but your fonts are awesome! (I think it’s Rita…..)

  7. Chey Says:

    So cute! Yup, you’re Rita. xD Hmm, I think I’ll use one. (and comment)

  8. Chiyo Says:

    Used and grateful :)

  9. *&^^% Says:

    I used them so I had to post.

  10. Ayan Says:

    I am using three so….BOOM SHIKA BOOM BOOM POW!

  11. Darcy Says:

    Um, hi! I just found your site, and I really love it! Cause I’m always having trouble with this kind of thing. Well, thank you!

  12. Alex Says:

    Awesome fonts! I’m using one, just so you know. Darcy over there *waves* recommended you.

  13. Kelsey Says:

    I love your fonts..I am not using one now but in future references, I love them!

  14. Katie Says:

    Hey, nice fonts! I’m using one. yay me!

  15. Sarah Says:

    Haii. I like your fonts, using one of them. =)

  16. wahishing Says:

    These fonts a madsnakalaka

  17. Yuki Says:

    OMG i LOVE ur fonts and maybe u should create some that arent for an avii. i LOVE them

  18. sopitikoj Says:


    Keep it going, thanks. I found exactly the information.


  19. hiutopor Says:

    Hi all!

    Very interesting information! Thanks!


  20. cybunnybruce Says:

    i luv ur fonts youve got to make more

  21. catuz_pokey Says:

    Thank you!!! I plan to use one of them, I just havent figured out which!

  22. ... Says:

    I mailed you about your fonts and you simply ignored me.

  23. xx__blueeest Says:

    I love this site!
    I just found it, but it fits alot of my needs.

  24. omfg lmfao Says:

    there good..

  25. pudseyparty Says:

    I’m Using Pink :)


  26. Katie Says:

    I love your fonts. ^^ I used one, and only changed the wording. Great job!

  27. Peggster Says:

    I am using your darkest faerie font ^^ Thank you.

  28. nunya Says:

    Make a font for bullseye!! <3

  29. Eeyore492xx Says:

    I A d o r e your fonts!
    Like ZOMG So HAWT!
    I joke, but they are The most pretty things I have ever seen that relate to the neoboards!
    Thank you for making them. It is Much appreicated.
    Even If I can’t spell.

    Ps. Using The Illusion doll, beacuse it matchs my theme, but I have to say I was so in love with all of them I would have changed every thing to just be able to use them!

  30. Hiya luff your fonts! Are you maing anymore any time soon? If you do neomail me mmkk? my username is xo_jaimme or Fuzzifrogg Byez byez!

  31. _syk__ Says:

    i definitely used one of your fonts. as a result…i leave you this.

  32. samantha Says:

    Geraptiku – Deserted Tomb, do you have a font for that? i was wondering because i love your style of fonts and i didnt see the Geraptiku – Deserted Tomb one here… so yeah do you have one?

  33. marchmellos06 Says:

    I am most certainly using your sloth font…and i think it is awesome. yay to comments

  34. marchmellos06 Says:

    ah! i don’t think my last one sent (at least i don’t see it) i am using your sloth font. thanks for making these. they look awesome

  35. Emily Says:

    Ummmm….. i mix your fonts with sunnyneo’s so basically i use yours so yeah….. i am posting because you said to leave a coment…

  36. Emily Says:

    MARCHMELLOW, the first one did go through….

  37. Danielle Says:

    Yo I use you fonts. Theyre cool. Especially the tooth farie.

  38. Sky Says:

    Some of your fonts I love and some not so much. But the ones I love I LOVE. So good work. I’m using the gloomy font currently. Thank you.

  39. HELLO Says:

    Your fonts are kind of bad. =/

  40. numbsmile Says:

    Hey, I didn’t ask you to come to my site :)

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ;)
    If you like ’em, great. If you don’t, feel free to leave.

  41. Rayne Says:

    Heyy, i just decided to leave you a comment before i looked for a font so i wouldnt forget to…Uh yea i dont really know what to say in the comment besides uh..Thanks? lol.

  42. rachel Says:

    i used the 1st and i liked it

  43. rachel Says:

    i used a font!

  44. Sarah Says:

    Your fonts are awesome! Just to let you know (as you asked,) I will be using the “let it snow” font.

  45. Gabriel Says:

    i think these directions are good but i was looking for actual fonts

    neopets star!


  46. numbsmile Says:

    lol… the actual fonts are on the site.

  47. Molly Says:

    I love your fonts! They are so cute! Too bad I can only use one at a time. I made your site a favorite because I’ll be back. :D

  48. Vada Says:

    I used ur cybunny plush font its so cute!

  49. Nicola Says:

    Going to use one of your fonts! Good job! =D

  50. Amy Says:

    Hey I think I’ll use one of your fonts.

  51. Amy Says:

    I used your font so I suppose I owe you a comment.
    Thanks for making them.

  52. SonicBlade128 Says:

    Might be using one of your sig fonts. Need to look first, but want to get this done first. ^^

  53. sophie Says:

    im using one of your fonts so I guess I have to comment here.

  54. Joey Says:

    I used and loved your fonts. The guild i am in has like a change of fonts every month or so and i found this site very helpfull! Also my Neo Friends all loved the fonts.

  55. Angie Says:

    Luff your fonts!! ;D I took one of them and changed it slightly (well actually quite a bit) but I still feel I should post this. My accounts are Neoangie214 and Major_neoaddict. ^_^ Bai!!

  56. mana Says:

    i used one of them so i left a comment!!!

  57. Ian Says:

    Rita, i noticed you have all the webdings and their former letter/number, thats awesome! i’ve looked for a long time to find something like this. The one thing i didn’t find though is how to make those colored blocks. i see people with just blocks of color in their siggy, and i want to know how to do it


  58. Cazzt Says:

    I am using one of your fonts. Though I did change it around a bit.

  59. numbsmile Says:

    Ian, a screen shot would probably help me understand the situation better. I have a few fonts with the “coloured blocks” you speak of, but I’m not exactly sure if that’s what you mean. Check out “Chomby Colourful” (by searching in the search tool on the side). From what you’ve described, all I can tell you is that it works the same way as having coloured text: instead of inserting your text, you have to insert the “box” which can be located using alt codes. You can find all of these symbols under the “CHARACTER MAP”.

    (Start> Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map)

    If you don’t have the “Character Map” option on your computer, I’ll copy and paste a few box samples here.

    ▀ ▄ █ ▌▐ ░▒ ▓ ■ ◙ ◘

    Once you have the symbol you want, insert it into [font c=#HEXCODE]*SYMBOL*[/font]

    Hope this helps!

    If not, send me a photobucket link to a screen shot & I’ll take a look! :)

  60. Eva Says:

    I think I might use one of your fonts :)

  61. liv Says:

    like the fonts!!

  62. henna Says:

    wow, your fonts are the best!

  63. thuytienguyen Says:

    Heyyaa this is lilkadlover. But this is my new account. I used one of your fonties again. It was the flotsamm one. =]] ♥

  64. Jill Says:

    THANKS THANKS THANKS your FONTS are sooooo awesome!!! I love them I am using The Day At The beach!! it is soooo cute thanks thanks thanks for posting stuff like this because I just started and don’t know much about Neo!! Thanks thanks thanks again and also I am using it and I love it!! :)

  65. izzy Says:

    i used it, it’s cool, your fonts are awesome, but im not using it anymore

  66. izzy Says:

    never mind, i still am

  67. izzy Says:

    they’re all so cool!

  68. empospifs Says:

    Nice site!


  69. Farah Says:

    Great Fonts :D
    GL. I hope you make some more!!


  70. Hi!
    My name is Jessika!

  71. Test Says:



  72. simon Says:

    thanks for the post

  73. mimi Says:

    i am going to use your font, thanks!!

  74. katerina Says:

    im using day at the beack i love it


  75. TuhThearm Says:

    All greetings! I have fallen in love today:)))))
    I wish to shout about love to all world ! :)
    Love this magnificent feeling:)))))

  76. hamstar_6 Says:

    I used a day at the beach…
    It’s awesome.

  77. Alexis Says:

    I am using one of your fonts, they are awesome!!

  78. lynn Says:

    your font is awsome so im telling u bout ur font

  79. Jemma Says:

    Hey! Im using your not for wreathale font.
    Its really good, thanks!

  80. DDDDepressionnnn Says:

    Depression Depression Depression aaaaaaaa
    HEEEEELP :( :( :(
    I hate winter! I want summer!

  81. Jessica Says:

    Hey hey. My username is shuggi, I’m using the font, and lovin’ it. xD

  82. iamfabu Says:

    Awesome fonts! xD I’m using one of them, thanks!

  83. countvladimir Says:

    Hi there.. Just posting to say that I’m using your font. :D Really good!

  84. PayncVellcani Says:

    I’ve just registered to say your site is very useful and nicely done!
    Thank you very much for your work.


    Sorry for offtopic.

  85. Nathan Says:

    I used your “Gloomy” font and it works good. Thanks for all the premade fonts!

  86. gillian Says:

    thank you very much, i love all the fonts and am sad i can only chose two. i wish you good luck in the futur. =3

  87. ORI Says:

    Hey, I used the Happiness Faerie font. =D
    I edited it a bit, but I still love it.

    Awesome job on your fonts! *waves and disspapears*

  88. Zai Says:

    I will be using your fonts :)
    They are great!

  89. geomedergiemn Says:

    Hi everyone
    I look forward to making some new cyber friends online.

  90. Vella Says:

    I will be using your fonts. They rock!

  91. cho Says:

    im gonna use fonts.

  92. Roxiia Says:

    Hi I use your fonts so I left a comment! :D

  93. When ever I come into a new forum its always friendy and then it changes and I don’t get it.

    Anyway really glad to be here.

  94. Joyyy~ Says:

    I didn’t use your fonts, but examining the coding helped me greatly to create my own fonts. Your fonts are very nice. Thank you so much for creating these. :33

  95. Cool10229 Says:

    I use them all the time! I like the kiko-rock one!

  96. Tori Says:

    You’re fonts are awesome! *-*

  97. Marii Says:

    Hey, I use your fonts so I decided to leave a comment. (:

  98. Saba Says:

    i’m using the sunny day font :]

  99. crazypiegirl Says:

    The kiko snack time font rocks!!!

  100. your fonts are really awesome…….yupp….used one….gloomy…..bye =D

  101. Kallen Says:

    I haven’t used your fonts but there nice 10/10.

  102. Hey everybody , Wanted to say this is an awesome site and Im sorry to say I am addicted lol Im glad I found a cool forum that doesnt have constant flame wars lol. Aside from being bored here whats everyone do for fun?

  103. elka Says:

    i used some of your fonts and made some alterations, thanks! =)

  104. laurenoxe Says:

    Hey everyone, new to the forums and look forward to getting to know you all.

    Lauren =)

  105. Exhikigo Says:

    Спасибо за статью.. Актуально мне сейчас.. Взяла себе еще перечитать.

  106. Entinktum Says:

    Hi, cool site, good writing ;)

  107. Triamp Says:

    Добавил в свои закладки. Теперь буду вас намного почаще читать!

  108. gulaclette Says:

    Спасибо вам за сайт, очень полезный ресурс, мне очень нравится

  109. BatBluette Says:

    Очень интересно!!! Только не очень могу понять как часто обновляется ваш блог?

  110. Phyllis Says:

    Wonderful Siggys. :)
    I alter them a bit though. :)

  111. Nami Says:

    Love your fonts! They are so pretty! I use ’em, so I’d thought I should comment.

  112. Fiddle Says:

    Very nice. Thank you.

  113. fana_jills Says:

    heya i use your font

  114. Tarra Says:

    I used a font

  115. iRenaissance Says:

    I used some

  116. Erika Says:

    hey, i used one so i posted thx

  117. Fragile Says:

    I love your fonts! I’m currently using the one that matches the ‘Fallen’ avatar, but I think that I’m going to use the ‘Gloomy’ font soon. Thanks for posting them. c:

  118. fashioniista Says:

    used ur fonts, loved ’em!

  119. Hae Says:


  120. Hello to all ! Great site. I am new here greetings to all from Poland.

  121. XRumerTest Says:

    Hello. And Bye.

  122. ___maddie___ Says:

    I’m using one of your fonts right now!

  123. i hate ur cruddy fonts

  124. vecesqueext Says:

    have 1 question – How using search on this forum?
    Thanks for your messages

  125. maddiefire9 Says:

    Hey! Coolio fonts!

  126. i love this site :)


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  131. Bagheera68 Says:

    Using one of your fonts. Great work!

  132. Zoe Says:

    Thank you so much for the fonts, they are wonderful! :D

  133. Tori Says:

    Lovely fonts ♥

  134. kim Says:

    fonts fonts fonts

  135. Ashleyyy Says:

    Used the tooth faerie one…love it. Thanks =)

  136. denina Says:

    I’m using the one that says royalty. I forgot which one it was! but I don’t want to get reported, so I’m posting so you know. please e-mail me if you got this.

  137. brina Says:

    I’m using the one that says baby its fabulous! just commenting to let you know!

  138. denina Says:

    Now I’m using the jazzmosis elephante one. thanks so much, these are great!

  139. Tessa Says:

    I am using one of your fonts c: I will probably change it a bit, I just want the base you know c:

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  141. A Says:

    I’m using your fonts.. so I guess I’ll comment

  142. evelyn Says:

    im using one of ur fonts!lov it!!!!=)

  143. chloe Says:

    Used a font, kthxbai.

  144. Chrissy Says:

    Hello – just wanted to let you know your fonts are amazing and I love using them. Keep rockin’ everyone! :)

  145. Cherii Says:

    Nice fonts.
    I’m using them. :3

  146. ellie Says:

    thanx 4 the fonts

  147. Ness Says:

    Nice fonts!! And i use em just leavin the comment!

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  149. Kathleen Says:

    hey i used your top gamer font. its really good i love it. thanks for being practically the only site that actually satisfied my search for neoboard fonts :)

  150. Wartoreta Says:

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  152. Kimmy Says:

    :D i used ur fonts :)

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